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The Trump Administration Asked The Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Workers Just For Being Transgender

A brief filed by the Justice Department says federal law offers no protection to transgender workers who endure discrimination because of their gender identity.

Dominic Holden • 2 days ago

Trump’s Latest Proposal Would Let Businesses Discriminate Based On LGBTQ Status, Race, Religion, And More

The rule, which applies to many federal contractors, is Trump’s latest move to let religious people sidestep civil rights policies.

Dominic Holden • 5 days ago

This Trump Spokesperson Is Gay — And He Doesn’t Care If That Makes The Left Mad

Trump's deputy press secretary Judd Deere on what it's like to be gay and speak for the president who pushes anti-LGBTQ policies.

Dominic Holden • One month ago

Florida's Governor Signed A Law Making It Harder For Felons To Vote — And Immediately Got Sued

Opponents says a new Florida law that requires felons to pay past fines amounts to a poll tax, something with a long and racist history in the US.

Dominic Holden • One month ago

A Republican Now Says He Spent Money During Booty Calls For A Legit “Political Purpose”

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s lawyers said he was simply “mixing business with pleasure.”

Dominic Holden • One month ago

LGBTQ Americans Overwhelmingly Want To Legalize Sex Work

A new national survey from Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News reveals LGBTQ Americans’ thoughts on major 2020 candidates and issues.

Dominic Holden • One month ago

Most LGBTQ People Are Super Fine With Bachelorette Parties At Gay Bars

A national survey found LGBTQ people believe discrimination is rampant in the United States and even within the LGBTQ community.

Dominic Holden • One month ago

Most LGBTQ Americans Actually Love Having Cops And Corporations In Pride Parades

Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News did a national poll for pride — LGBTQ people overestimate their share of the population and say Instagram is making them sad.

Dominic Holden • One month ago

We Asked All The 2020 Candidates If The US Should Stop Arresting Sex Workers. Only Four Said Yes.

Many of the presidential candidates ran away from the question.

Dominic Holden • 2 months ago

Trump Is Gutting Health Care Protections For Transgender People And Those Who Have Had Abortions

A draft rule released Friday would undo nondiscrimination protections in health care for those who have had abortions as well as transgender people.

Dominic Holden • 2 months ago

Now Trump Wants To Allow Anti-Transgender Discrimination In Homeless Shelters

Critics warn the draft rule announced Wednesday would put transgender people at risk of abuse.

Dominic Holden • 2 months ago

States Are Fighting Back Against Trump’s New Anti-Abortion, Anti-Trans “Conscience” Rule

The Trump administration plans to “defend the rule vigorously.”

Dominic Holden • 2 months ago

Conservatives Are Freaking Out Over An LGBT Bill That Passed The House

The bill would ban anti-LGBT discrimination.

Dominic Holden • 3 months ago

These Conservatives Want To Stop Fighting LGBT People

They’re planning a compromise bill in Congress that would offer some LGBT rights and religious exemptions.

Dominic Holden • 3 months ago

The Trump Administration Will Allow Health Workers To Refuse Abortion And Sex Reassignment Services

The rule will protect discrimination based on “conscience” or “religious beliefs,” but opponents argue it will greatly limit access to care.

Ema O'Connor • 3 months ago

Half Of Americans Think The Smell Of Weed In Public Is A Real Problem

Canadians hate it even more, according to a new major survey on cannabis.

Dominic Holden • 3 months ago

Half Of Marijuana Users In The US Think They’re Fine To Drive Stoned

In a major national survey, most users added that they’d be comfortable in a car driven by someone high on cannabis.

Dominic Holden • 3 months ago
Dominic Holden • 4 months ago

House Democrats Are Starting To Call For Bill Barr's Resignation After His Mueller Report Press Conference

“OUR Attorney General acts as Trump’s defense attorney. He can’t represent both. Barr must resign.”

Lissandra Villa • 4 months ago

Police Are Investigating After A Transgender Woman In Texas Was Brutally Beaten In Full Daylight

Muhlaysia Booker’s attack is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Dominic Holden • 4 months ago