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    7 Anime With Black Main Characters That Will Absolutely Become Your Newest Obsession

    Have you seen Michiko & Hatchin?

    If you're a true anime fan, then you know that their storylines are typically full of romance, action, magic, and even horror. However, more often than not, there are few Black characters and even fewer Black main characters in anime.


    While I do love anime, I also think that it's nice to see representation from time to time too. Thus, I compiled a list of the seven best anime shows with Black main characters that you need to add to your watch list ASAP.


    Ready to see which shows made the list? Let's go!

    1. Michiko & Hatchin


    What it's about: Michiko & Hatchin is my absolute favorite anime of all time! This was the first anime that I ever I watched that had a Black female protagonist and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Action, romance, tragedy — the show truly has it all. The animation is beautiful, the storyline is unique, and the coolest thing is that it's set in South America. If you only watch one show from this list, it has to be this one.

    Where to watch: Funimation

    2. Afro Samurai


    What it's about: Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, Afro is an iconic samurai on a journey for vengeance and redemption. This show truly has legendary qualities. It's a short series with only five episodes, but don't worry! There's already a manga, movie, video game and even a live-action film coming soon if you get hooked.

    Where to watch: Hulu

    3. Cannon Busters


    What it's about: While on a journey to find her best friend (who also happens to be a prince), self-help robot S.A.M. must traverse through the supernatural west with her immortal outlaw companion Philly the Kid. Though usually upbeat and friendly, S.A.M proves time and time again throughout the series that she is not to be messed with or underestimated!

    Where to watch: Netflix

    4. Children Of Ether

    Rhonda peeks out from behind a destroyed building

    What it's about: Although Children of Ether is only fourteen minutes long, it's definitely worth the watch. Without giving too much away, the story centers on Rhonda, a strong female character, who must figure out her path in life while fighting off mysterious attackers. You've gotta see it!

    Where to watch: Crunchyroll and YouTube

    5. Basquash!

    MBS TV

    What it's about: Miyuki is the all-around mechanic for her friends giant robot basketball team. Yes, you read that right! She's cute, quick-witted, and the backbone of the team. Though she's not the only main character in this series, her role is still prevalent and she is also one of the main love interests too.

    Where to watch: VRV

    6. Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts


    What it's about: Kipo is a girl from a burrow in a mutated, post-apocalyptic world. Yeah, let that sentence sink in. She's happy-go-lucky and almost annoyingly optimistic at times, but I mean that in the best way possible. This show isn't necessarily an anime, but it still deserves a spot on the list for how funny, creative, and inclusive it is.

    Where to watch: Netflix

    7. Neo Yokio


    What it's about: Kaz is the perfect, mild-mannered, well-trained gentleman... That can shoot lasers from his hands. Voiced by Jaden Smith, Kaz has the duty to protect a futuristic version of New York from demons. He seems like a sappy character at first, but always gets the job done and definitely means business!

    Where to watch: Netflix