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22 Products That Will Help Your Kids Show Their Creative Side This School Year

*alarm clock rings* It’s time for school. Dollar General will keep your kids smiling with stylish finds and affordable ways to spark their creativity.

1. This $5 backpack that is both fashionable and functional.

2. This mermaid backpack with matching lunchbox that will make a big splash.

3. Or this one that's both fashionable, functional, AND fluffy!

4. These hair scrunchies that are a throwback and simultaneously fashionable.

5. This fantastical backpack featuring a magical guardian to protect your kid's stuff.

6. The Crayola trifecta of crayons, colored pencils, and markers: classic tools of an aspiring artist.

7. These Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons for a twist on normal crayon creations.

8. These paint sticks for an artist who prefers to use a canvas.

9. Elmer's school glue — the glue that keeps all school-related art together.

10. These Bic break-resistant pencils that will keep the ideas flowing.

11. These ArtSkills glitter shakers, this Imagine glitter glue and this Crayola glitter paint to make your kids art sparkle.

12. This construction paper, which can be used for a fun back-to-school craft like the Candy Pencil Eraser.

13. This pack of jumbo letters that will help your kid spell out their inner self. They also can be used to make this fun School Reward Poster.

14. These kid-friendly scissors because a good artist knows when to paste and when to cut.

15. This letter worm puzzle for your aspiring bookworm. And try this DIY bookmark craft!

16. These Lisa Frank and Frozen activity books. Just don't get a brain freeze!

17. This planner that will give some much-needed predictability to 2020.

18. Or these fluffy notebooks for your kid to write down their fluffy, happy thoughts.

19. These cute, reusable face coverings — just in case.

20. And a kid gaiter for good measure.

21. For the Paw Patrol pal, this lunchbox and toddler boys underwear pack help your kid "go go go" to a fun school year!

22. Or these Paw Patrol shoes to go on your kid's own paws.

All images courtesy of Dollar General.

If you wanna get your back-to-school shopping in one go, Dollar General has all the essentials.

Creativity can shine anywhere. Dollar General has all of your stylish, fun and art back-to-school needs with everyday, unbeatable low prices.