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We Asked People To Caption These "Divergent Series" GIFs

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We asked a bunch of people who have never seen The Divergent Series to look at some silent GIFs and try to interpret the scene.

With a little lip reading and a lot of guesswork, they made it through.

Your captioners are: Ryan, Casey, Jo, Justin, Eric, and Tyler.

1. First, this moment between Tris and Four:


Four: The best thing about you is…is you.

Tris: Def, def.


Four: Please don't lean on my pillar.

Tris: Oh, I'm really sorry.

2. This part where Christina and Tris are scaling the wall:

3. Four and Nita:

4. Tris and David:

5. This tense moment between Evelyn and Jeanine in Insurgent:

6. And this one between Tris and Four, also in Insurgent:


Four: Rice? Seaweed? Sushi just doesn’t make sense to me.

Tris: Let’s go eat some, Mr. Handsome.

Four: Ghost time. *disappears*


Four: Wait, Tris. Can you tell that I’m moisturizing?

Tris: Not really, hun. I’m sure it’s awesome.

Four: *Face turns into water* How about now?

7. This Four and Evelyn scene:

8. More Tris and Four in Allegiant:

9. And here's David, according to our excellent lip readers:

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