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11 Moments The X-Men Totally Remind You Of Your Squad

They're basically your squad, just with amazing powers and coordinating outfits. Get the full X-Men experience in Dolby Cinema at AMC on May 27! Reserve your seats now!

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1. When someone is late to the party, but they make a killer entrance:

Then the squad jumps up for a high five freeze-frame. ;)

2. When someone trashes you on social media, and your squad immediately has your back:

"Mess with me, mess with my squad!"

3. When you go to your squad for advice, and they say exactly what you needed to hear:

Like "you totally deserve that second burrito" or "you are so pulling off those parachute pants."

4. When they randomly overshare with you, even though you didn't say anything:

The squad that overshares together stays together.

5. When your squad is doing a hilarious bit, and everyone else feels left out:

Your bits are too good. The bit jealousy is real.

6. When the squad finds out there's a three-hour wait for brunch:

A squad without its brunch is like a butterfly without its wings.

7. When two people in your squad are always fighting, and you're like "just bang already":

Then they do, and it's immediately weird.

8. When everyone's style is unique, but put together, you look fly as hell:

A squad is only as fly as the sum of its parts.

9. When the squad saves you from a bad relationship:

"Nobody puts baby in a corner." —your squad

10. When someone gets a new haircut, and you never let them live it down:

A squad never forgets a bad haircut.

11. When everybody looks good in the group photo:

No blinks. No sneezes. #nailedit

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