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    5 Last Minute DIY Gifts For $50 Or Less

    Do you need to last-minute shop for a DIY-er? Or someone who wants to bring out their creative side? Or do you just want a gift that breaks the monotony of candles, socks, and ugly ties (really, who wants that?!)? These kits will not only provide your loved one with an experience, they’ll get to enjoy the end product again and again!

    1. A kit delivered with all you need to paint a masterpiece (with a glass of wine if you so choose) is a great gift idea. You can buy a gift card so they can choose the painting themselves or you can choose one for them.

    2. For those who have Ron Swanson as their spirit animal… a home bacon curing kit! They’ll thank you every time they eat one of these delicious slabs for breakfast.

    3. These beautiful solar photographs (cyanotypes) are easy and fun to make with this affordable kits. They'll be sure to make an impression!!

    4. For your friends who like it hot: make your own hot sauce kits! Williams and Sonoma has a ton of other great kits like this, this is just one great example.

    5. This DIY Nail-Polish kit is the coolest thing ever. For that person that’s always doing their nails and looking for their new signature color, this gift is going to blow them out of the water!

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