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13 Lessons From A Dog On How To Relax

Feeling Stressed? Anna (A.K.A. DogWonder) is here to teach you how to relax

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1. Lets start simple, try this move

2. The last one was a little advanced, try just spacing out

3. Find a snuggle buddy

4. No pillow? No Paw-plem

5. I call this the blanket mound

6. Try gathering up all your toys then just crashing on them

7. On an adjusted schedule? Eye coverings make dreaming easy

8. Yoga WITH friends always helps me relax

9. Swaddling. Try it.

10. Get a hammock. My parents have them hanging all over the house!

11. Meals don't have to be strenuous, Take a load off!

12. A partner in crime always helps

13. Most Importantly JUST RELAX :)

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