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13 Quick Tips On How To Conquer Your Fear Of Heights......From A Dog

Anna (A.K.A.) DogWonder, taking risks, loving life and expanding her worldview

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1. So you're afraid of heights!? no, no I'm not laughing at you, I just thought of something really was about cats..... yea cats.

2. First lesson, approach the ledge with cautious optimism.

3. Find a good sturdy spot for footing and strike a power pose.

4. See, you're doing it! Personally, I could live up here...maybe in this dog house.

5. still scared?

6. Come back up, lets try again.

7. Come On.

8. Lower your center of gravity and relax into it.

9. See, There is always something good over those ledges.

10. Always?

11. Always.

12. Ok I'll admit I'm a little worried this time

13. But it's worth it! Get out there and get higher up!

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