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13 Dogs That Are Living Their Best Lives

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1. This gladiator is on a mission to rule the world.


2. This lab is getting back scratches…


Yup, right there. Ahhh...

3. …and this corgi is getting belly rubs.

4. These dogs are the Employees of the Month. / Via

Can you staple this for me please?

5. This puppy is mastering yoga.


Mom! Dad! Look! Check out my crow pose!

6. This dog can even communicate with other species.

7. This dog that found a better way to ride waves.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Rysher Entertainment / Via

Surfboard. Surfboard.

8. This puppy that can tuck himself away.

9. This dog is learning how to get around with a bike...

10. ...while this dog is using other modes of transportation to invade the parlor.

Curtis Lepore / Via

11. This puppy that became the biggest raver at the neighborhood block party.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

12. This puppy is owning the dance floor.

13. This dog makes a great pool partner.

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