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14 Unusual Sports You Should Be Paying Attention To

Never stop looking for the newest fun thing. Here are 14 oddball sports that should be on your radar, brought to you by Dodge Dart.

1. Quidditch


Fans of the Harry Potter series have built Quidditch into a legitimate sport that's taking off on college campuses around the country. Don't be fooled by the broom you have to carry between your legs — this is a legit sport with hard hits.

2. Tournament Rock-Paper-Scissors

staplesaustralia / CC BY / Via

There's a skill to Rock-Paper-Scissors that's often overlooked by novices. Supposedly the sport's greatest competitors can anticipate your next throw by subtle arm twitches and facial expressions.

3. Pop-Up Urban Football


OK, so this is more of a prank than a sport. Hand the ball off to an unsuspecting friend and see how they respond to a stampeding defensive line.

4. Roller Derby

Boston Derby Dames / Via

This sport has seen a resurgence in recent years with amateur and pro leagues popping up around the country. Roller derby players throw hard elbows; it's a far cry from fake pro wrestling.

5. Bubble Soccer


Someone figured out that it's fun to fall down and not get hurt. This full-contact spin on soccer is quickly growing in popularity.

6. Flaming Soccer

Barcroft TV / / Via

If bubble soccer is too bland for your taste, you can spice up the game by simpmly lighting the ball on fire. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.

7. Segway Polo

SegwayToday, International Segway Polo Association / Via

If you're an eccentric millionaire, don't let your Segway gather dust in the garage. Join a Segway polo league with your millionaire friends.

8. Freestyle Water Jetpacking


This sport is a little pricey, too. Specially designed water-powered jetpacks will let you fly though the air. Those lucky enough to participate compete by choreographing aerial routines.

9. Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodgeball quickly becomes an extreme sport when you play it on a trampoline and incorporate elements of gymnastics and parkour.

10. Fish Netting


Fishermen in certain parts of the country with large fish migrations have created a unique sport out of netting fish in midair. You'll need a helmet, unless you're especially brave.

11. Tomato Fighting


Every year in Buñol, Spain, residents gather for a free-for-all tomato fight. It's catching on in cities around the U.S., most notably with an annual event in Colorado.

12. Frisbee Obstacle Course


Unlike ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee golf, this sport is based on creating and defeating a progressively harder set of obstacles.

13. Dirt Bike Jump Roping


OK, this is clearly a bit of niche sport. All you need is a dirt bike, some balance, and a couple friends with a long rope.

14. Tricycle Racing


Most thrift shops carry old plastic tricycles, which is all you need for a day of fun. This has become a big event in San Francisco where, every Easter Sunday, residents hold a race down Potrero Hill.

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