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11 Awesome Homemade TARDISes

Try not to get too jealous, but here are a bunch of beautiful DIY TARDISes, ranging from arcade cabinets to sheds to entire TARDIS-themed bedrooms. And yes, they're all bigger on the inside. (BTW, there are tons more of these, and a chance to win a private Doctor Who screening at Where's the TARDIS?)

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1. How the TARDIS really works …

2. How To: Building a TARDIS from scratch.

3. Here's one that's made out of LEGO.

4. The Way Station Bar in Brooklyn has a to-scale TARDIS as a bathroom. It's bigger on the inside!

Hot tip: If you're ever at the Way Station, ask for their signature cocktail, The Sonic Screwdriver.

5. Here's a simple one, if the prospect of building a fully operational, three dimensional TARDIS is a bit daunting for you. A TARDIS door!


6. The DIY TARDIS MAME Cabinet

For (awesome) nerds only. (For the uninitiated: MAME is an arcade emulator.) Click here for a full breakdown of how this was made.

7. Here's a more robust TARDIS bedroom door for a kid's room. Check the awesome TARDIS-themed interior.

8. TARDIS headboard!

And here are three wonderful TARDIS garden sheds. You can find these all over Britain, because, whatever you might say about the British, they clearly have their priorities straight when it comes to sheds.

9. Philippa Morgan and Declan McSweeney's TARDIS shed in Wiltshire.

Full story at The Telegraph.

10. 2008's “Shed Of The Year”

(According to Treehugger.)

11. And finally, this masterpiece, by Flickr's Timegirl.

Here she is, in her garden.

Hit the link for more homemade TARDIS awesomeness, plus a chance to enter your own in a contest.