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9 Tips To Help Guys Beat The Heat In Style

The heat is no reason to sacrifice style! Keep it cool with Dockers®.

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1. Instead of a ratty T-shirt, rock a tucked-in polo.

*Ann Gordon / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 75976921@N00

So little effort. So great a reward. And as evidenced above? A total classic.

2. Go bald or go home.

Ashley Corbin-Teich / Via Getty Images

Wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "Dude, just shave your head already. Hair is like a head rug, and it is too hot for that, you feel?" Pretty sure it was.

3. Ain't no flip-flops besides neutral flip-flops.

Simon Winnall / Via Getty Images

No matter how expensive, brightly colored flip-flops will look like they cost you $1. No matter how cheap, neutral flip-flops will make you look $ka-ching$.

4. White on white is money.


Clean, crisp white does double duty: It reflects all that summer sun and also makes you look like you're about to head to a party in Hollywood with an open bar and custom cocktails you can't pronounce served by someone you're pretty sure you've seen in a toothpaste commercial.

5. Bow tie or die.


Preppy chic is always in. You'll look like the hottest professor on campus. Five chili peppers, would stay after class.

6. Peg, not roll.

RyanJLane / Via Getty Images

Pegging your jeans is a slightly more tailored approach to rolling the hem. If you really feel like your ankles need the breeze, rock a pegged leg, not a roll.

7. Art thou T-shirts V-neck?


They should be. Solid V-neck for a laid-back look.

8. Grab shades with a bright frame.

Ysbrand Cosijn

They spice up an outfit with little effort. And look at that solid V! It's all coming together, man.

9. Layer with a jean jacket instead of a sweatshirt.


All the protection from over-air-conditioned stores, none of the weird "I might be on my way to work out, who's to say?" associations.

No matter what the temperature, #StopDadPants.

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