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9 Tips To Help Guys Beat The Heat In Style

The heat is no reason to sacrifice style! Keep it cool with Dockers®.

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2. Go bald or go home.

Ashley Corbin-Teich / Via Getty Images

Wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "Dude, just shave your head already. Hair is like a head rug, and it is too hot for that, you feel?" Pretty sure it was.

3. Ain't no flip-flops besides neutral flip-flops.

Simon Winnall / Via Getty Images

No matter how expensive, brightly colored flip-flops will look like they cost you $1. No matter how cheap, neutral flip-flops will make you look $ka-ching$.

4. White on white is money.


Clean, crisp white does double duty: It reflects all that summer sun and also makes you look like you're about to head to a party in Hollywood with an open bar and custom cocktails you can't pronounce served by someone you're pretty sure you've seen in a toothpaste commercial.

6. Peg, not roll.

RyanJLane / Via Getty Images

Pegging your jeans is a slightly more tailored approach to rolling the hem. If you really feel like your ankles need the breeze, rock a pegged leg, not a roll.

No matter what the temperature, #StopDadPants.

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