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An Island In The Caribbean Actually Hosts A LGBT Pride Event! Wanna See

For many of us in our Community, the Caribbean is a region that when we travel alone means either stepping back into the Closet, risking violence and imprisonment or simply many of us chose to just avoid the region entirely.

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Pride Walk!

DM Lewis

After 4 years, Curacao Pride has gotten larger and the LGBT Community has become more vocal and more accepted. This year they added a Pride Walk through Downtown Willemstad, Next Year if plans work out, they will have a full blown LGBT Pride Parade!

Pride Walk

DM Lewis

Joined by a Drum Line and a Brass Band we made our way through the Streets of Historic Willemstad, followed by the visitors to Curacao Pride as well as the locals that happened to be in the area itself. We made our way to Rif Fort for the closing concert and party.

Opening Night Concert

DM Lewis

Dolce, closed out the night at Rif Fort a local Merengue and Bachata Band. Music, dancing and a party at a site that was originally constructed in the 1800's to protect the island from invasion by both pirates and enemies.

Beach Day

DM Lewis

For many of us in the LGBT Community water like this, is something that many of us felt we would never experience in our lifetime. However as you can clearly see, Moomba Beach Club, the private beach part of the Floris Suite Hotel showed their Pride as did all of us who visited, Curacao.

Beach Party

DM Lewis

What else do you do when visiting the Caribbean. You visit the beach. Curacao Pride took it one step further, hosting a Pride Beach Party. We turned a local private beach in an LGBT Oasis. Swam in the Ocean, sunbathed on the beach, and of course danced the day away.

Pride Beach Party

DM Lewis

Entertainment at the Pride Beach Party included Miss Sherry Vine, Miss Peppermint, Ebonee Excell, Tiffany T Fantasia. And we all learned that one does not wear their good heels to a show at beach

Rainbow Lounge

DM Lewis

On Friday, the Floris lost their Lobby. The Rainbow Lounge Pride Party took over the space and invited members of the LGBT Community, Friends and Family to sing and dance the night away with live music from Axl and Friends.

White Party

DM Lewis

Pool? Why worry about a pool when you have a private beach nearby. Just turn the pool area into a dance floor and stage, add live music from Dreams ft HNLY and it will never be missed. Believe it or not even with rain from Hurricane Matthew, the party went on until 3am.

Closing Pride Pool Party

DM Lewis

Even with a few weather related cancellations, the best way to relax and wind down fro a busy weekend was at the St. Tropez Ocean Club for the Closing Pride Pool Party. Sand, Pool, Music, Food and Drinks overlooking the Caribbean Sea and an Infinity Pool

The Gallery Lounge

DM Lewis

Most importantly unlike quite a few Caribbean Islands, Curacao has a local Gay Club that many of the residents take in. Located in Downtown Willemstad, the Gallery Lounge is a small venue, that can still be a hotbed of activity on a great weekend night. Look for the Sunflowers in a back alley, and you will find the entrance.

Curacao Artwork

DM Lewis

Garrick Marchena is a Visual-Artist/Graphic-Designer living on the island of Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean. And he was able to create this amazing mural on a wall in Downtown Willemstad. After a night out at the Gallery Lounge, stopping by the Mural is an amazing way to ensure that you can see the beautiful piece of artwork without parked cars.

If you are apart of our Community, or are friends and supporters of the LGBT Community you can all make plans to visit an Island in the Caribbean that actively pursues us as visitors, and protects our lives, interests and allows you to socialize with members of our community, safely.

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