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HDFS 305 Homework 4

Buzzed including sibling conflict and friendship

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1. Conflicts

It is common for conflicts between siblings to increase during middle childhood. In this picture both children are in middle childhood and they are fighting over a stuffed animal. Siblings of opposite gender are more likely to have conflicts. Also, the main thing that siblings argue over are personal possessions.

2. Treatment

Although this is not the number one sibling conflict, It is common for the older child to feel like their parents like the younger child better. For example, in this picture is does seem like the mother favors the baby over the child but most likely that is not the case. The baby just needs more care than the child.

3. Girl friendship

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Middle childhood is the time were children make friends that like the same things as them and create close friendships. How they spend their time together can vary between gender. Girls are more likely to play indoors, while having a small friend group. They spend their time agreeing on different topics. This picture displays the typical way girls hangout during middle childhood. They are indoors, with a small group, conversing, and enjoying each other's company.

4. Boy friendship

In middle childhood boys spend their play time a little differently than girls. Boys like to be outdoors and they typically hangout with a larger group. Instead of playing inside and talking about different things, they like to play competitive games against each other. This picture displays a typical setting for boys when they hangout during middle childhood. They are playing a competitive game(basketball), outdoors, and with a large group.

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