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10 Times "Hey Arnold!" Taught Us The Facts About Love

Who would have guessed a show about fourth-graders could yield such spot-on advice about grown-up relationships? The sweetest gift to give this season is Nickelodeon Hey Arnold! Guide to Relationships.

1. If they're just not that into you, don't obsess over it.

2. Have a wingperson.

3. Remember that you learn something from every breakup.

4. Tell them how you really feel.

5. Don't worry about what people will say.

6. Romance requires effort.

7. Just because they were your first love doesn't mean they're your true love.

8. You can learn to trust again.

9. Work on your self-image.

10. And remember that relationships take work in order to last.

Images courtesy of DK

Give the gift of timeless advice and a burst of Nick nostalgia with DK's Nickelodeon Hey Arnold! Guide to Relationships by Stacy Grant.