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15 ‘Must See Acts’ At Coachella 2017

Your favorite Italian-American disk jockey, DJ Creamy Italian, is back with his ‘Must See Acts’ at Coachella 2017. He listened to all of the artists to save you time - You're welcome.

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15. Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure / Via Instagram: @

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Deep House, Chillwave

Unfortunately for us, the alluring Daniela Niederer (aka Nora En Pure) canceled her Coachella set in 2016 at the last minute due to “private matters.” This year she makes her long awaited Indio debut and I couldn’t be more excited. Nora En Pure found her way into my iPod when her 2013 song “Come With Me” topped Beatport’s charts for seven straight months. SE7EN! The South African-Swiss deep house DJ will be a refreshing break from the triple digit degree heat.

14. Porter Robinson & Madeon

Koury Angelo / Via Instagram: @

Day: Sunday, April 16th & 25th | Genre: Electronic, Dance

Last year, these two alternative DJs combined their electronic forces for their Shelter Live tour where they shared the stage and performed new music as well as their hits. When I saw both Porter Robinson and Madeon separately at Coachella 2015, I thought each show was beautifully unique in their own way - Porter playing his anime-inspired emo-styled ballads and Madeon bumping his upbeat mashups. This dynamic duo promise to bring the noise on Sunday.

13. The Allah-Las

The Allah-Las / Via

Day: Sunday, April 16th & 25th | Genre: Surf Rock, Garage Rock

The Allah-Las were #14 on my 2015 Coachella Countdown and they slide up a spot in the edition. Why you ask? Because they’re that f-ing good and I love the surf rock sub-genre. Their Beach Boys-inspired summer party vibes are a big reason why I moved to the Golden State. What better way to take on the last day of Coachella 2016 than with the dreamy sentimentalism sound of the Allah-Las?

12. Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic / Via Instagram: @biggigantic

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Llivetronica, Hip-Hop, Jazz

I have mucho respect for Big Gigantic, especially Dominic Lalli (no offense Jeremy Salken). Dombo utilizes his middle school band classes and jams out on his saxophone. He loops his riffs into harmonic melodies while Jeremy is running point on the tempo with the drums. It makes me wonder if I continued to practice with my alto sax could I be playing Friday? Nah: the producing & songwriting skills of this pair are perfect for this experimental livetronica/hip-hop/jazz genre they created.

11. Tycho

Tycho / Via Instagram: @

Day: Saturday, April 15th & 24th | Genre: Ambient, Chillwave

Tycho first caught my attention on Adult Swim’s Saturday anime block, TOONAMI. His heavenly ambient track titled “Dictaphone’s Lament” was featured during the outro. It took me a while to locate the artist as this was before Shazaming changed our lives for the better. Since the early Aughts, Tycho has evolved from my secret chillwave pet to a highly regarded producer when his 2016 album “Epoch” was Grammy nominated. Ultimately he lost to Flume (it was a well-deserved win) but won notoriety. So what’s next? Performing his music with a live backing band on Saturday.

10. Future

Ahmed Klink / Via Instagram: @

Day: Saturday, April 15th & 24th | Genre: Rap

There’s a plethora of reasons why Future is on this list: his new, two Number 1 albums “FUTURE” & “HNDRXX”, his flagrant abuse of autotune, his beef with Russell Wilson - just to name a few. His music is solid - trap beats with slurred, nearly inaudible autotune lyrics, but what really earns him this spot is his attitude. The way he effortlessly carries himself and the absolute zero F’s he gives, makes him more ‘rock n roll’ than any band on the lineup. Despite being mercurial, I predict he’ll put on a helluva show.

9. Banks & Steelz

Banks & Steelz / Via Instagram: @

Day: Saturday, April 15th & 24th | Genre: Hip-Hop & Rock Fusion

As I wrote in my Top 10 Coachella Hidden Gems article: “The hip-hop mashed with rock sound of Banks & Steelz (consisting of the Interpol singer, Paul Banks, and Wu-Tang Clan leader, RZA) has the basic recipe for an unforgettable Coachella show: Start with Banks’ IDGAF voice and guitar riffs. Mix in RZA’s porous flows and master sound production. Stir in a mini-Wu Tang reunion (with Ghostface, Meth and other featured Shaolin alums). Set in the Indio spring heat and enjoy.” Banks & Steelz will be a household name after their show - I put my name on it.

8. Glass Animals

Glass Animals / Via Instagram: @

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Pop

Have you listened to Glass Animal’s latest album “How to Be a Human Being”? The English indie rock band didn’t disappoint with their sophomore album. Each song on the album features a story about a different character the band created. For example, the song “Season 2 Episode 3” lead singer & guitarist, Dave Bayley, says the song is about a girl that ”spends her entire time watching TV, lounging around, not doing anything, being high, eating mayonnaise from a jar.“ Come embrace the strange with Glass Animals on Friday.

7. Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer / Via Instagram: @hanszimmer

Day: Sunday, April 16th & 25th | Genre: Film Soundtrack Composer

Just like you, I had a questions after seeing ‘Hans Zimmer’ on the lineup. What the hell is he doing in this lineup? Is he the movie soundtrack composer? What kind of show is he going to put together? 1) I have no clue, but I welcome it. 2) Yeah duh. 3) I don’t know, but the anticipation is killing me. The show will probably have a full orchestra, projections of scenes from the movies for which he wrote the songs and even live theatrical performances. Let’s see what the maestro has up his sleeves.

6. The xx

The xx / Via Instagram: @

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Indie Electric, Indie Pop

After taking some individual personal time, Romy Croft, Oliver Sim & Jamie Smith released their third album, “I See You”, in early 2017. A slight departure from their previous records, the band have stated the album has a more positive and “expansive” concept. I prefer their previous two albums’ moody, R&B influenced mystique and atmosphere. There’s also hope that The XX mix in a few tracks from Smith’s widely acclaimed debut solo album, “In Colour”. We have so much to look forward to when they return to the polo grounds on Friday.

5. Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane / Via Instagram: @

Day: Saturday, April 15th & 24th | Genre: Rap, Trap

Gucci has had an interesting 365. He was released from a 2+ year prison stint for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, is featured on the biggest rap song of the year (‘Black Beatles’ with Rae Sremmurd) and is playing Coachella on Saturday. Damn. A major reason I enjoy Gucci so much is the nostalgia factor. He pioneered trap during my formative years with his jams like 2005’s “Icy” & 2009’s hit “Wasted” (ft. Plies). He even has one of the best rap signatures - “IT’S GUCCI!” Also, I ned to see his ice cream cone that reads "Burrrr" face tattoo in person.

4. Radiohead

Radiohead / Via Instagram: @

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Art Rock, Experimental Rock

I’ve never understood the dislike of Radiohead. Yes, they shifted from classic rock music towards an electric sound. What’s wrong with that? With nine albums spanning over twenty-four years, you’re bound to find one that strikes the right chord with your inner ear. Since you asked, my favorite is 2000’s ‘Kid A’ since it broke the band’s genre boundary. 17 years later, Radiohead continue to be a breath of fresh air in a genre that often seems fading and/or rehashed. Experience the past, present and future of rock as they headline Friday night.

3. Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club / Via Instagram: @

Day: Friday, April 14th & 23rd | Genre: Indie Rock

When you listen to the boisterous sound of Two Door, you imagine a full-fledged symphony consisting of twenty-five people. Yet their patent indie pop/dance-punk is the work of just three men: Alex Trimble’s feminine, however, demanding voice powers personally to each listener as Sam Halliday’s riffs cascade you along for a ride while Kevin Baird’s strumming keeps you in step. This Northern Irish trio will be one of the biggest dance parties outside of the Sahara Tent on Coachella Friday.

2. The Avalanches

The Avalanches / Via Instagram: @

Day: Saturday, April 15th & 24th | Genre: Electronic

The Avalanches are a paradox gifted to whoever lends an ear. Their music is exhilaratingly unique while being completely sampled from other artist’s work. Their debut album, the 18 track “Since I Left You”, was assembled from over 3,500 vinyl records. One of my all time favorite songs ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ samples lines from forgotten films, stand-up from golf how-to’s, Christianity records and “Reading for the Blind” tapes. The Aussies took 11 years to record their highly anticipated sophomore album, Wildflower, in 2016 and are ready to show us what we’ve been missing since they left us.

1. Justice

Justice / Via Instagram: @

Day: Sunday, April 16th & 25th | Genre: House, Nu-Disco

I’m struggling to write this blurb on Gaspard Augé & Xavier de Rosnay. I desire to exude knowledge on the French duo without my fanboy-dom. Pedro Winter (Daft Punk's old manager), Gaspard & Xavier tweaked the Robot’s secret formula to create Justice - their electro house sound is influenced by 80’s synth and heavy metal. Justice shows are the most complete concerts I’ve ever seen (no hyperbole intended). If there’s anything I can promise to my reader (Hi Mom!), it will be THE show of Coachella. Trust me, I don’t break promises to my Mom.

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