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“Why Interviewing DJ Condon Is An A+ Idea”

This young up and comer is on the market... for now. Here's 10 reasons why you should give him a call!

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1. Experience


Summer Internships - Strategic Planning Internship (Avrett Free Ginsberg - IPG), Marketing Assistant Internship (Iconoclast Brand Marketing and Entertainment)

Jobs- Marketing Assistant/ Market Research Specialist (FSU Campus Recreation), Digital Analyst (Strike Magazine), Customer Service Rep (FSU Campus Recreation)

For further details on these jobs please see application or Linkedin page!

2. Soft Skills

In 2015 DJ won "Best Personality" of the Fitness Facility Operations department of FSU Campus Rec. This was based off a fill in the blank survey distributed to all 120+ employees.

"It seems like you're happy to be here all the time. I honestly think you might still come to work if we didn't pay you" - Tyler Wall, DJ's former boss

In regards to that quote, although I do my best to be in a good mood at work and spread that positivity throughout the workplace, I most definitely would not go in if they stopped paying me.

3. The Hair

In 2013 when he graduated high-school DJ won "Best Hair". However one look at his father would suggest this won't last forever. Get him on payroll early and make sure he takes his employee photo before it's too late.

5. He's bold, innovative, and not afraid to try something new!

DJ isn't afraid to think outside the box and take a risk trying something new. If he was afraid you'd be skimming a boring traditional cover letter. Instead you're enjoying (hopefully) this piece of entertaining, and convincing (again, hopefully) content!

6. Professional Image

Struggling to get your Millennial workers out of their joggers for that big meeting? Not to worry; DJ was born with 3 sisters and no brothers; perhaps because of his upbrining he has always enjoyed the opportunity to dress up and look sharp!

7. Leadership? Check. Teamwork? Check. Other Buzzword? Probably Check.

From Sophomore to Senior year DJ played on the FSU Roller Hockey team. He served as a club officer, alternate captain, and handled the roles of Social Media and Marketing Chair! (FSU Roller Hockey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you'd like to have a look.)

During his time there the club grew from 8 members to 18, consistently raised hundreds of dollars at Relay for Life; winning best booth in 2015, and rose to as high as 14th in the nation during his senior season.

8. He can handle the relocation

There's no need to worry your shiny new out-of-state hire will move to a new city and hate it. DJ used to live in NY before his parents moved the family to Florida, and returned there this summer for an internship at an ad agency. Even better; he was surviving on intern pay so he had to share a four person room (not apartment, room; top bunk btw) in Flatbush Brooklyn with an hour and fifteen minute commute; and he still loved it

9. His Mom would be really proud

Many brands are coming to the realization that helping society as a whole is beneficial to everyone, themselves included! Everyone is always looking for a way to create a positive impact and produce a feel good story. One like this could give any company a great brand image, even if it's just through the eyes of one woman.

10. The Bottom Line

Both literally, figuratively, and given it's position on this list, coincidentally. Literally when the quarterly balance sheet comes out and you look at the bottom line there has to be a net profit from the decision to bring on another employee. Figuratively you need to look at the intangibles and make sure this candidate fits the kind of person you're looking for.

DJ Condon could be that person; interested to find out?

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