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7 Products That Were Great Source Of Entertainment On Social Media

These products are the products which you would hope never existed, but they do and make people laugh and angry at the same time.

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1. Globes

tumblr / Via

Yes, now you know that everything is possible in this world. The pink globe shows the places best for shopping, best saloons etc.... whereas the blue one obviously shows the manliest places on earth. This is quite strange as both the items are same, but then also producers want to make distinction in them by saying that pink is for girls where as blue is for boys.

2. Bread

society pages / Via

Caution: If eaten by a woman, can bring instant development of facial hair. So now ladies who have always longed for long facial hair and masculinity, here's the thing you all need. On the whole this is the item which needs to go off rack. As nothing matters if a woman eats this bread or a man, the distinction is being made by the way they are promoting and I think that its not a proper approach to showcase the item falsely in the general public.

3. Earplugs

buzz / Via

hmmm they can't apart us by using different colours or can they? As you can see that almost 99 percent of the product is same, both are of the same company but the only difference is that one is pink and the other one blue. Why to differentiate products when they are actually the same, by doing this thing they want to create a gap between men and woman.

4. Bread Gloves

Foododitty / Via

This is the best thing I have seen so far. You can prepare it in a stove too with your hand in it, gives a smoky flavor to your food. Advances like television, web and so forth are huge stages because of which individuals are currently more aware of the things. As should be obvious that this item may have been known by many yet not utilized much by population. As the world is yet not that stupid.

6. Trump Soap

philospherguild / Via

This soap is best recommended for people who are unemployed and racist. Moreover it has been banned in 7 countries so far, lets wait for the others countries too..:P. Make America bath again.

7. Racist Detergent

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I am sure that you have never watched anything more racist then this. People really started washing themselves, naah don't take it seriously though. Although the product here is making or we can say creating a distance between people, because of its so racial description many people were really frustrated and wanted this product to be removed from the market.

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