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3 Reasons Xscape Will Fail, Again

80's babies are excited for the Xscape docu-series on Bravo. With Mona Scott-Young signing on to executive produce the project, you know each episode will be packed with drama and suspense, which makes for great reality tv but horrible music careers.

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1. TI Won't Let Tiny Be Great / Via

The rumor mill is spinning and rumor has it that Tiny is pregnant again. More power to her. As a married woman, there is nothing more beautiful than creating life with your husband.

Unless your husband is TI.

To put things into perspective, TI cheated on Tiny with “the help” and has publicly humiliated his wife by publicly parading his side chick around Atlanta while Tiny is left to be emotionally available to not only him but their one year old baby girl, Heiress. I would be suffering from post-partum depression if I were her.

Tiny had a “Lemonade” moment and hot sauced the marriage by filing for divorce. In the midst of this made for tv marriage, Tiny may be pregnant by the same husband who tells her on national tv that she will never revive her role in Xscape because she needs to focus on their children as he solidifies his role as the breadwinner in their family. TI was also the reason Tiny couldn’t focus on her career with Xscape when they were in their prime. I’m no expert but TI got Tiny pregnant on purpose and she was down.

I’m also no fortune teller but “Family Hustle” will be around longer than the revamping of Xscape, and their docu-series. Which leads me to my next point.

2. Mona Scott-Young Is The Executive Producer

Twitter: @monascottyoung / Via Twitter: @monascottyoung

Let’s get real, Mona couldn’t care less about the success of this once successful girl group, or black women period.

Mona is about two things: her coins and her ratings. In Mona’s world, drama is king. Get ready for a season of very little singing and enough drama to make your head spin. Rest assured Kandi will probably have clauses in her contract to not make her look a fool because Kandi is all about her brand and her bag. During the docu-series, Kandi will have an anniversary spin-off, launch three new companies, and have one more baby. There will be dramatic scenes at OLG, her new foodie initiative, and Mama Joyce will be a feature, collecting her coins too. Meanwhile, Tiny will look pitiful and (allegedly) pregnant asking everyone for privacy as her and TI go through the trials of their marriage, on reality t.v.

Privacy. On reality tv. Let that sink in.

What about the other members? Brownie points for anyone who can name them, which leads us to point 3.

3. We Only Know Two Members of the Group

Raymond Boyd / Getty Images / Via

I just asked bae who the members of Xscape are and he said "Tiny, Kandi, Keisha and Pam".

Just keeping it real, I had to Google it because it sounded legit. FYI, Keisha and Pam were in another 90’s girl group.

Anyone remember Latocha and Tamika Scott? Are they related? We have no idea but they are the 3rd and 4th members being featured in the docu-series. There is a 5th member, Kiesha Miles, but she was voted off the island during the group’s early days so she gets to keep her dignity.

If you don’t know, LaTocha pulled the strings in the 90’s but this is 2017 and no one knows who she is, meaning Kandi and Tiny get to control the story and LaTocha has to go along with it if she wants to collect a check, and so does her sister, Tamika. Would you look at God? The tables have turned. Won't. He. Do. It. Let’s see if LaTocha publically apologizes for starting the rumor that Kandi slept with Jermaine Dupree’s dad. You can bet your last dollar that Kandi is going to clear her name from those vicious rumors and we are here for it.

This show will be reality tv gold and we are excited. Someone hold Mama Joyce back, we don’t want to see LaTocha get beat up, again.

Or, maybe we do.

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