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These 28 Things You Might Think Of As "Flirting" Are Actually Not Cool At All

Treating us mean certainly does not keep us keen.

1. Being told that you'd look "sexy" in a top by a total stranger when you're out shopping. Their opinion on your body and how you'd look in a certain piece of clothing was definitely unneeded.

2. Being hounded for nude pictures even after you've said no...

3. ...or being sent dick pics when you definitely didn't want them and never even hinted at the fact that you might be interested in receiving them. Instant delete and block.

4. Embarrassment isn't a pulling technique, so when someone trips you up or is just genuinely a bit mean all in the name of romance, it's just more embarrassing for them.

5. Finding out that someone has been calling you names online to "catch your attention" will accomplish that goal but in all the wrong ways. How is making me feel bad about myself going to make me like them?

6. Having your bum grabbed when you're in the crowd at a concert with your friends.

7. When you're snoozing on a plane and your seat mate starts touching you and there is literally no escape.

8. Having a fellow shopper tell you that "your legs look good in that skirt" when you're choosing which snack to buy at the supermarket. You already knew they did; you didn't need them to tell you.

9. When a classmate thinks it would be funny to take pictures up your skirt while you're climbing up the stairs at school.

10. When you've ordered takeaway and the delivery person uses your contact information from the order to text you after they've dropped off your food to ask whether you want to go out sometime. The chow mein was wanted, but their attention wasn't.

11. It's not "banter" when you're out with your friends and one of them starts taunting you by calling you a "slag" or bringing up stuff you've done with other people.

12. When someone makes comments about your body when you're trying to get your squat on at the gym in peace.

13. When you notice that someone is slyly taking photos of you changing while you're in the locker room.

14. When someone gets physical with you on a date but it's too much too soon and you tell them so but they think it's "flirting" to keep doing it anyway. Your body, your boundaries.

15. When you're standing on public transport and the person behind you starts brushing up against you under the pretence that it is busy.

16. When you're sick as a dog and you've finally dragged yourself out of bed to go to the doctor but someone keeps telling you that they have "a different kind of medicine that can make you feel better". No, thanks.

17. When someone sits right next to you and tries to chat you up on an empty bus or train despite there being more empty seats than the eye can see.

18. When you're walking over to your friend's house but someone stops you on the street and won't let you get past without you letting them touch you...

19. ...or if a group of people start taunting you and won't let you escape.

20. No one thinks that having rude and derogatory words shouted at them is a turn on...

21. ...or that having any words – nasty or nice – shouted at them is an acceptable way to be spoken to. Catcalling is intimidating and isn't going to get them anywhere.

22. Having someone grind on or repeatedly touch you while you are just trying to dance and when you've already told them "no" is super creepy – not cool.

23. Having your bum – or any other part of you – grabbed anywhere, anytime, and, as a general rule of thumb, by anyone.

24. When you've already said "no" several times. How many times should it take?

25. Making sexual comments about someone on social media – even if they think they are being complimentary – isn't a turn on; it is sexual harassment.

26. Being forcefully kissed...

27. ...or forcefully touched in any way, whether it is sexual or not.

28. Being forcefully made to do literally anything or endure literally anything at all that you find even a tiny bit uncomfortable or unwanted, because – NEWS FLASH – it's not going to make someone like you if you do things they do not want or do not like especially if they have vocally told you explicitly that they do not like it.

Sexual harassment can take many forms, all forms are serious and none of it is ok.

Everyone deserves to have their personal boundaries respected - so consider how the other person might feel before you initiate contact, and always respect their decision to say “no”.

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Learn more about boundaries, sexual harassment, and the Disrespect Nobody campaign here.

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