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8 Sexting Consequences People Don't Think About But Probably Should

Deleting a photo doesn't mean it is gone forever.

1. Pressuring someone to send you nudes is a surefire way to be on the receiving end of an instant rejection...

2. ...and making someone say "no" twice only makes you look desperate.

3. A sext is for life – not just for the immediate future.

4. Sharing your pictures with someone online may be fun at the time, but you never know who could turn out to be a catfish.

5. You may trust your partner to keep your sexts to themselves now, but what if they are feeling ~salty~ later on down the line?

6. They could even post them on social media.

7. If you screenshot and share nude pictures that someone sent you, you could find yourself in some actual legal trouble.

8. The bottom line is that taking, possessing, or sharing sexually explicit images or videos of someone under 18 years of age is breaking the law.

Gone doesn’t mean gone when it comes to sexts. The Disrespect Nobody website has more support on issues surrounding sexting and information on the laws that could affect you here.

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