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16 Moments From “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” Trailer Everyone Can Get Excited About

Are you ready?

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has arrived! Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the new series:

1. In the films, Sam and Bucky have a love-hate relationship and the show promises to deliver even more of that dynamic.

2. One minute the duo is having an impromptu staring contest in the middle of a couples therapy session...

3. ...And the next they're the best of buds.

4. Following on the events of The Avengers: Endgame, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will see Sam reckon with how to honour the legacy of Captain America.

5. We'll get to see how Sam wields the shield as its new owner.

6. But it can't all be couples therapy and shield-throwing. The duo's old foe Zemo is back, and let's just say that he's *still* not a huge fan of the Avengers.

Zemo stands in front of a statue. A caption reads, "Superheroes cannot be allowed to exist"

7. If that wasn't enough for the dynamic duo to contend with, there's also a ~new player~ on the scene.

8. And we can safely assume that this fresh-faced foe is not looking to buddy up with Bucky and Sam.

9. Yep, she's definitely not looking to make the duo a trio.

10. And Sam and Bucky are just as clueless as we are about what organisation this new enemy may be a part of.

Sam and Bucky humourously discuss whether their enemy is an android, alien, or wizard

11. Sharon Carter will also make a dramatic reappearance.

12. And as an expert spy and martial artist, she'll probably come in useful.

13. And lastly, it wouldn't be a Marvel project without some fight sequences...

14. Exciting chases...

15. Epic explosions...

16. And incredible flying Falcon moments.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is now streaming with new episodes dropping every Friday. Watch it by signing up to Disney+, the home of Marvel.

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