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    12 Next-Level Burgers That'll Make You Quit Fast Food Forever

    Oh-so yummy!

    1. Truffle Mousse Burger

    2. Jacked Jalapeño Burger

    3. Lemon Dill Spicy Salmon Burger

    4. Pepper-Crusted Bacon Cheeseburger

    5. Coffee-Rubbed Burger With Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

    6. Pork Banh Mi Burger

    7. Whiskey-Glazed Blue Cheese Burger

    8. Cheesy Veggie Chickpea Burger

    9. Brie, Crispy Pancetta, and Ginger-Bourbon Poached Pear Burger

    10. Chorizo Burger With Guacamole

    11. Apple Cheddar Turkey Burger

    12. Black Bean Tempeh Burger