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If This Sounds Like You Then You Should Work In Sales

You know who you are. Get a head start on that lucrative sales career by working for DISH!

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1. Was your lemonade stand the best in the neighborhood growing up?

Or at least the most profitable. ;)
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Or at least the most profitable. ;)

2. Did you negotiate grades with your teachers growing up?

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There's always some wiggle room, right?

3. Do you feel a little rush when you walk into a room full of strangers?

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"This is my JAM!"

4. Did you know how charming you were even at a really young age?

With great power comes great responsibility. 🙏
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With great power comes great responsibility. 🙏

5. Are you excited by striking up a conversation with everybody in the elevator?

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6. Do you feel a need to win over everyone you meet?

7. Do you take game night very seriously? / Via


8. When standing in line, do you get competitive with the other lines?

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9. Let's cut to the chase: Are you super competitive?

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10. Were you the best at peer pressuring your friends in school?

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::cue the maniacal laughter::

11. Does your family turn to you if someone needs convincing of something?

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"Karen's bangs are NOT working, and she'll only hear it from you!"

12. When you were a kid, did you charm your way out of getting in trouble with your mom?

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And blame it on your siblings. 😈

13. Did you bill your parents for every chore they gave you?

"Tell me about these dishes....we talkin' overtime?"
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"Tell me about these dishes....we talkin' overtime?"

14. Real talk: Do you just love money?

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Then you know what you need to do.

You were born to work in sales. Jump-start your sales career now with DISH!