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If This Sounds Like You Then You Should Work In Sales

You know who you are. Get a head start on that lucrative sales career by working for DISH!

1. Was your lemonade stand the best in the neighborhood growing up?

2. Did you negotiate grades with your teachers growing up?

3. Do you feel a little rush when you walk into a room full of strangers?

4. Did you know how charming you were even at a really young age?

5. Are you excited by striking up a conversation with everybody in the elevator?

6. Do you feel a need to win over everyone you meet?

7. Do you take game night very seriously?

8. When standing in line, do you get competitive with the other lines?

9. Let's cut to the chase: Are you super competitive?

10. Were you the best at peer pressuring your friends in school?

11. Does your family turn to you if someone needs convincing of something?

12. When you were a kid, did you charm your way out of getting in trouble with your mom?

13. Did you bill your parents for every chore they gave you?

14. Real talk: Do you just love money?

You were born to work in sales. Jump-start your sales career now with DISH!