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The Definitive Ranking Of Places To Shark Week And Chill

Because nothing's hotter than sharks and science.

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10. The Arctic


The Arctic! That's brilliant! You get to get cozy with your sweetie, you'll have quite a bit of privacy, and, oh yeah, there's no sharks in Arctic, right? WRONG! There are eight recorded species of Arctic sharks.

9. The Beach


The beach is a terrible idea because you'll get sand all over your electronics, reception will be spotty, and it's not the most private location. BUT ALSO sharks like shallow, coastline areas, so you're kind of playing with fire here.

8. A Boat


This is an appealing option because boats are romantic, and they can get to rocking (if you know what we mean). And you're relatively safe from sharks, especially on a larger boat, right? THINK AGAIN, BUDDY. Sharks can jump as high as 8 feet! The perfect height to get on a boat.

7. A Cave


A cave might work if you find a cave that has decent TV hookups. Also, sharks can't see in the dark, so this is a safe option. EXCEPT THEY CAN. Scientists have found that sharks see even BETTER in dim situations because a membrane in their eye can reflect light even in the murkiest of places. Like caves.

6. Your Living Room


Now we're getting somewhere. Cozy up on the couch with some shark entertainment and popcorn. Besides, sharks live in the cold, dark ocean, so they wouldn't go near your warm cozy living room. HA, NOPE! Some sharks are partially warm blooded and have the ability to moderate their own body temperature, so they'd LOVE your warm cozy living room.

5. Your Bed


This seems pretty obvious as far as chilling locations go. Also sharks don't sleep because they need to be constantly moving in order to get oxygen. OR SO YOU THINK. Nurse sharks and other bottom-feeding sharks have been observed resting motionless on the bottom of the ocean floor. Sleeping? Or plotting?

4. In a Car


Cars are an excellent shark content viewing and hookup spot. Plus you'll have a CAR, and cars can totally outrun sharks. EXCEPT THEY CAN'T. Great white sharks migrate over 1,200 miles, and a tiger shark once traveled 27,000 miles during its migration.

3. A Pool


Mixing swimming pools and electronics is not a terrific idea any time. But it's pretty safe because sharks aren't going to kick back and relax at the pool. OR ARE THEY? Sharks love leisure activities. In 2011, an Australian golf course found itself overrun with sharks. So it's just a matter of time before they take over the whole country club.

2. A Camping Trip


Sunsets + the great outdoors = an awesome romantic time, but thinking about camping by a lake or a river? Well, THINK AGAIN. The Bull Shark has to ability to survive in salt and fresh water and some have travelled up the Mississippi River as far as Illinois.

You've got your place to chill; now get yourself some Shark Week.