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How To Host The Perfect Shark Week Party

Celebrate 28 years of Shark Week by hosting a viewing party complete with under-the-sea themed snacks and decorations. Get planning because Shark Week starts Sunday, July 5, 8/7C on Discovery.

1. Carve up a watermelon into a shark.

Nicki Dugan Pogue/CC by http://2.0 / Via Flickr: thenickster

Fill the jaws with candy or a fruit salad, and pick out if you dare!

2. Take a bite out of these jaw-dropping shark cupcakes.

Courtesy of Meghan Hensley / Via

They taste as good as they look! Get the recipe here!

3. Create a killer photo opportunity with a DIY backdrop.

Courtesy of Randi Dukes / Via

Let's see those teeth! Learn how to make one here.

4. Treat your guests to these mini gelatin aquariums!

Courtesy of We're Calling Shenanigans / Via

This is the kind of shark sighting everyone is happy to see! Serve in mason jars for party favors that your guests will remember! Find the complete recipe here.

5. Give sugar cookies a fintastic makeover.

Courtesy of Jodi Harakel/Doughhead Cookies / Via Facebook: jodiharakelcrafts

These are some sharks you'll want to get close to!

6. Turn your drinks into shark-infested waters.

Peter Pearson/CC by http://2.0 / Via Flickr: peterpearson

Stay cool and drink at your own risk with shark fin ice cube trays!

7. Get everyone involved with costumes...

Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images

Sharks have never looked so cute!

8. ...including your four-legged friends!

Courtesy of Kristy Skogsberg

9. Show some teeth with these paper plate jaws!

Find out to make your own here, and make sure you don't get a paper bite cut!

10. Keep your drink trapped in one of these jawsome koozies!


Get your own here!

11. And of course, these are a must.

Sergio Boccardo / Getty Images

Shark candy? Enough said.

Start planning your own finspirational viewing party now because Shark Week starts Sunday, July 5, 8/7C on Discovery.

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