16 Animals Who Aren’t Excited For This Week

There are many reasons to dread the beginning of a new week. Here are just a few of them — and to fully understand why aquatic animals aren’t looking forward to the next few days, watch Shark Week on Discovery, with all new episodes starting Sunday, August 4th at 9/8C.

1. This hedgehog just saw he's in back-to-back meetings until Friday:

magamashi / Via magamashi.tumblr.com

2. This person will ONLY get up if you give him a reason to:

3. This gentleman wants factual proof that this week is going to be better than last week before he'll even consider allowing it to happen:

4. This bunny feels like things haven't gone his way in a really, really long time:

thecuteoftheday / Via thecuteoftheday.tumblr.com

5. This lad is trying to tell you that he just doesn't have the energy to go to the LA office this week:

6. This horse is getting sick and tired of you and your "personal days":

7. This little peach wants to know if she came out from under the covers too early:

8. If this girl could back herself into last week again, she would:

9. This panda wants you to leave a message with his secretary and he'll get back to you when his schedule clears up:

10. This pig says "yes, you may absolutely keep doing that if it means I don't have to get up":

11. This lady thinks that if she can't SEE the week, it can't happen:

12. This little man just wants someone to tell him that everything's going to be okay:

13. This guy is fully aware of the week that lies ahead of him, and he's come prepared with reinforcements:

14. This bear thinks if he could just sink his teeth into the weekend, it would last longer:

15. This fellow just wants us all to stop talking about it already:

16. And Snuffy the Seal just wishes things had turned out differently:

Did Snuffy survive? Find out by watching Shark Week on Discovery.

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