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20 Things You Didn't Know Were Illegal

Pay close attention or you might end up in jail. Learn more about the illicit trade of moonshining during an all-new season of Moonshiners Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Discovery Channel.

1. It's illegal to take a bite out of another person's hamburger in Oklahoma.

2. It's illegal to make moonshine.

3. Thanks to an Act of 1760, it's illegal to put pretzels in bags in Philadelphia.

4. Connecticut takes their pickles very seriously. A pickle cannot be legally considered a pickle unless it bounces.

5. You can get a 25 year prison term if you cut down a cactus in Arizona.

6. In Georgia, it's illegal to change clothes on storefront mannequins unless the shades are drawn first.

7. Mustachioed men cannot kiss women in Eureka, Nevada.

8. It's illegal to play dominoes on Sunday in Alabama

9. You're not allowed to slurp your soup in Ocean City, New York.

10. In Detroit, it's illegal to tie crocodiles to a fire hydrant.

11. Silly string is banned in Southington, Connecticut.

12. You can't cross Minnesota state lines with a duck atop your head.

13. In Rhode Island, you're not allowed to bite off another person's leg.

14. It's illegal to tease skunks in Minnesota.

15. Gorillas aren't allowed in the back seat of cars in Massachusetts.

16. In Idaho, you can't fish while on a camel's back.

17. It is illegal to NOT drink milk in Utah.

18. It's illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio.

19. Whistling underwater is prohibited in West Virginia.

20. Bear wrestling is prohibited in Alabama.

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