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12 Genius Tips For Totally Indecisive People

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We've all been there.

When you can't decide so you end up making both. #indecisivepeopleproblems 😅

Some decisions are basically impossible to make.

1. When in doubt, see how the pros and cons rack up.

2. Spend countless hours online until you're literally an expert on the topic.

3. Set a deadline and remind yourself every waking hour of it.

4. Let an app solve your problems.

5. Make your parents decide for you.

6. Treat yo' self every time you make a decision.

8. Choose a little bit of everything.

9. Leave it up to fate.

10. Talk to someone who actually has their life in order.

11. Assess every possible option before you reach a decision.

12. Once you decide on something, go with it and never look back.

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