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11 Ways To Make Holiday Shopping More Fun

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1. Make it a catch-up sesh with a friend.

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Having the right company can make this feel less like a chore and more like a fun hangout with a friend. So call up a buddy and make holiday shopping a good excuse to catch up with your bestie.

2. Create an energizing playlist to keep you motivated.

The right song can change your mood in an instant! Plug in those earbuds and rock out to your favorite jams as you browse through the racks in the hopes of finding that perfect gift.

3. Treat yourself along the way.

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The only way to keep your shopping stamina strong is to make it fun for yourself. Take a mani/pedi break or treat yourself to a nice latte — it'll help you tackle the day stress-free.

4. Print an actual list and enjoy checking those boxes!


There's nothing as satisfying as checking off a to-do from your long list. So print out a copy of your gift list and check things off as you go (and add a small pat on the back!).

5. Be the early bird to skip the crowds.

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Stores can get pretty hectic during the holidays — start early and beat the crowds. You'll thank yourself later!

6. Download a fitness app.

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Holiday shopping can sometimes bring surprising benefits, like a solid workout when you never even intended it. Download a fitness app and feel good about yourself for actually getting some exercise!

7. Take some much-needed breaks along the way to soak in the holiday cheer.

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The holiday spirit is pretty magical. Take a break once in a while to check out the decorations around you and soak in the festive spirit!

8. Buy super-fabulous wrapping supplies. (CC BY 2.0) Flickr: proflowers

Presentation is everything. Find some jazzy wrapping paper to deck out your gifts with. Your loved ones' faces will light up even before they rip their gifts open.

10. Compliment other people on their purchases.

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It's scientifically proven that complimenting others boosts your mood. So while you're waiting in the checkout line, peek over at someone's shopping basket and tell them how much you love that sweater they're buying. It might just make their day (and maybe yours too!).

11. Take a selfie with all your loot when you’re done!


Checked off that entire list?! #NailedIt. Take a congratulatory selfie with all of your shopping bags by your side.

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