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The Emotional Stages Of Having Unannounced Guests

Who invited you? The stages we all go through with unexpected guests.

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1. It was just another average day until THEY decided to stop by, and EVERYTHING changed from a state of complete relaxation...

The calm before the storm.

2. total fear.

::heart palpitates::

3. Confusion.

"Wait. Did I miss something? What on earth are you doing here??"

4. Frantic tidying up.

"You'll have to excuse my fossil collection..."

5. Trying mighty hard to play it cool.

It's all good. You've got this.

6. Awkward conversation.


"Sooooo, what about that, um, thing that, um, you were doing last time?!"

7. Unexpected entertainment.

"Did you know I learned how to play guitar?! And the harmonica?!"

8. Resolve to leave.

"OK then, I better get back to my, um, stuff now! It's been real."

9. A cordial farewell.

"We should make plans real soon. I'll call you..."

10. Instant relief.


::drops to floor::

11. And finally, a return to previous engagements.

Really important "me-time."

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