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11 Signs You Were Definitely A Hockey Kid

The rink was pretty much your second home. With the NHL® Discover it card, you can show your hockey loyalty at the Stanley Cup® Playoffs by customizing your card with your favorite team’s logo.

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1. You learned how to skate long before you knew how to ride a bike.

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2. You know there's nothing better than oranges in between doubleheaders.

Michael Wong/ Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

3. You know the importance of shower shoes.

jamestruepenny (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: jamestruepenny

4. You respect your friends' dads, because they could have benched you 20 years ago.

Thomas Barwick/ Iconica / Getty Images

5. If your family couldn't find you at home, you were most likely found here:

David Madison/ Stone / Getty Images

6. You had about 20 of these trophies on your shelf growing up:

Stewart Charles Cohen/ Photodisc / Getty Images

7. Birthday parties at the rink were pretty standard.

The City of Toronto (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: cityoftoronto

8. You understand that there's no better feeling in the world than taking off your skates after a game.

Martine Doucet/ E+ / Getty Images

9. You have about 15 jerseys that don’t fit you somewhere in your parents' house, which you one day hope to pass on to your kids!

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10. Your bond with your dad is stronger than anything from all of those countless hours on the ice.

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11. Even stronger is your bond with your mom for waking you up on all of those freezing cold mornings and driving you to the rink.

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