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14 Lessons You'll Never Forget From Your Very First Job

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1. Carry a pen and notebook everywhere. You never know when you’ll need to jot something down.

2. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

3. Never, ever be afraid to ask for help.

4. Always be on time, even when others aren’t.

5. Don’t procrastinate with the intention of working late — you risk losing all your steam.

6. Steer clear of workplace gossip.

7. Body language is everything.

8. Make being detail-oriented a priority.

9. Building experience is the first step toward finding your dream job.

10. Never approach your boss with a problem unless you've thought of a potential solution.

11. No matter how busy you are, ALWAYS make time to socialize with your superiors.

12. Take ownership of your mistakes.

13. When in doubt, approach someone in person to talk things out.

14. And be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for every achievement, no matter how small.

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