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10 Gifts That Keep On Giving

Some gifts just keep on giving, like the double rewards feature with the Discover it card. You can double your rewards you've earned at the end of your first year -- for new cardmembers only.

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1. Cooking Classes

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Perfect for: Your significant other (because somebody's got to make you breakfast!!) or somebody young.

Why they're great: Not all of us are born with culinary talents! Cooking classes are a fun, exciting way to get started in the kitchen, and the skills they learn will only lead to deliciousness all around.

2. How-to Books

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Perfect for: That curious friend who's always trying to master new skills.

Why they're great: Not only do how-to books provide an interesting read, they leave you with a fresh set of knowledge!

3. A Coffeemaker

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Perfect for: The workaholic and/or caffeine fiend in your life.

Why they're great: Money spent on coffee can add up quickly, and being able to have your first caffeine fix before you leave the house makes a huge difference in your entire day. The fruits of this one will multiply!

4. Subscription to Something Awesome

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Perfect for: Readers, wine lovers, beauty buffs, or anybody interested in getting a lil' something new every week or month!

Why they're great: Subscriptions, whether to a newspaper, magazine, wine-of-the-month club, or product boxes, are gifts that keep on coming for an entire year (or longer). Your friend will be continually reminded of how much you love them!

5. Membership to Somewhere Awesome

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Perfect for: Just about anyone, depending on the membership.

Why they're great: You can purchase memberships for tons of great places: museums, art galleries, zoos, and many more. A one-time purchase on your part means that someone you love can enjoy themselves for months to come. Why not?!

6. Plants

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Perfect for: Nature lovers and anybody with an eye for aesthetics.

Why they're great: Not only are plants calming and beautiful to look at, they give you something to take care of and nurture. And, if you treat them right, they'll grow big and strong!

7. Board Games

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Perfect for: Kids, people with families, or anybody who's not afraid to get a little geeky.

Why they're great: Board games are stimulating, fun, and provide a solid reason to get together for social gatherings in the future!

8. A Trip Somewhere

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Perfect for: A significant other, a family member, or just about anybody with a little wanderlust.

Why they're great: Is there anything more rewarding than seeing the world?

9. Your Key

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Perfect for: A significant other (strictly).

Why it's great: The key to your abode is a small, basically costless gift that's a huge gesture. It's a big step forward in any relationship, opening the gates for many great moments!

10. Adopting an Elephant

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Perfect for: Young kids or anybody environmentally and socially minded.

Why it's great: Money from elephant adoptions goes to supporting the protection and restoration of these incredible creatures. And they're not the only animals you can adopt! You can purchase adoption certificates for tigers, polar bears, pandas, and more.

These gifts = double the awesomeness! With the Discover it card, you can double your cashback rewards you earn after your first year -- for new cardmembers only.

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