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12 GIFs That Prove You Should Always Expect The Unexpected

You never know what's coming your way. Know your FICO® Credit Score to stay in the know.

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1. Because you never know when friends will drop in.

2. Or just how close your enemies are keeping you.

3. Because silent potholes are the deadliest potholes.

4. And nowhere is safe. / Via

Not even the B44 bus stop.

5. Not even the DRIVE-THROUGH.

6. Because everywhere's a dance floor for those willing to branch out.

7. And it's less about whether the chicken or egg came FIRST, but which comes NEXT.

8. Because you never know when someone might go in for the unsolicited hug.

9. Or when you might need to make an abrupt exit.

10. Because you can never really predict what's a-boat to happen.

11. Or when things will take a sudden change in direction.

12. And nothing is over until it's... over.

Some surprises really get your goat. Your credit score shouldn't be one of them.

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