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A Social Media Etiquette Guide For Anyone On Vacation

With great technology comes great responsibility. And with the Discover it® Miles Card, you’ll get up to $30 credit towards in-flight Wi-Fi annually, so you can start ‘gramin the minute your trip begins.

1. Keep the classic poolside leg-shots to a minimum.

2. Selfies are fine, but a selfie of a selfie is overkill.

3. Tell us where you are!

4. Always ask yourself, "Is this an overshare?"

5. Get permission before taking pictures of the locals.

6. Don't automatically friend people you barely met.

7. Cool it on the hashtags.

8. Take photos that are worth seeing and that aren't just a humblebrag.

9. Speaking of humblebrags, think about editing yourself.

10. Be sparing with pictures of your hotel room.

11. Pictures of your feet are not OK.

12. You are allowed one photo of your meal...

13. ...and ONE sunset.

Every sunset is unique, and every picture of a sunset is not.

14. When it comes to photo albums, moderation is key.

15. Inspirational quotes don't always inspire.

16. When you see something worth sharing, you'll know it.

Enjoy up to $30 of in-flight Wi-Fi courtesy of the Discover it® Miles Card each year.