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11 Reasons To Thank A Veteran

Join DAV in thanking those who have served.

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6. ...with no hesitation.

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It's impossible to be fully prepared for the things they've seen and the places they've gone, but they show up — every day — with no room for doubt.

8. Some gave everything, leaving behind survivors to remember their strength forever.

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Veterans who lost friends in battle may suffer survivor's guilt, which can become an everyday struggle.

9. Veterans give up a life of normalcy when choosing to enter the armed forces.

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Many have a hard time finding jobs and returning to civilian life when they come home.

10. Transitioning back into society is not an easy process.

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This is especially true for women veterans. The majority of programs are geared toward males, leaving a gender gap in services available for women veterans.

Share your gratitude to those who have served by creating a personalized #ThankAVet video for a loved one in your life. It takes just a few minutes; join DAV in honoring a veteran today.