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12 Easy Ways To Restore Order To Your Living Room

Life is messy. Better hide some of it in the coffee table. Then, ditch all those hideous cable wires and bulky boxes by upgrading to DIRECTV.

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4. Always opt for coffee tables with drawers. If you don't have the $$$, transform an unused dresser.

The sole purpose of a coffee table is to store items that you keep for no clear reason. No one shall ever see those items.

5. If you always have board games strewn about, turn your tabletop mess into a fun family project!

Phil Manker / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: philmanker / peddhapati / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: peddhapati

You can buy a pre-made board game/coffee table hybrid, or construct your own. Another tip: Keep game pieces in small baggies so they don't end up in the couch cushions.

6. Then, start covering up things. Design art over your thermostat.

Or, simply purchase a thick photo canvas. You can even attach a hinge to the side to allow easy access when you need to change the temperature.

7. Disguise your router amongst a stack of books.

The internet makes you smart, but books make you look smart.

Ditch cable and upgrade to DIRECTV, and all those clunky wires around your TV could disappear.