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17 Cool Cats Who Just Got It Sorted

Cats have almost always got it sorted. Like these specimens below. Someone else who is good at getting stuff done: Direct Line.

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1. The cat that's evolved to use wheels:

2. The cat who heard it was a fancy dress party and already had an outfit sorted: / Via

"I can show you the world…"

3. The cat that can do more pull-ups than you:

4. The cat that is an undercover agent:

5. And this one:

6. The cat that has homies:

7. EITHER one of these two:

Can't work out if the biscuit thief is the smart one, or just a stooge to the chubby cunning second cat.

8. This cat, who won't be deterred by cat traps:

Trying to keep him out made him keener to get in.

9. The cat that owns his own dog:

"Dis mine now."

10. The cat with the smoothest landing move, ever:

11. The skateboarding cat who is living your 15-year-old self's dream:

12. And this cat, who has the most beautiful eyes EVER:

13. Then there's the cat that has an army of servants:

14. The amputee cat that learned how to use stairs again:

Because brave AND adorable.

15. The cat that could send faxes:

"I want this contract signed and back by 6pm tomorrow, Susan."

16. Spider-Kitten:

17. And the cat that saved her human from a dog: / Via

Actual ice-cool hero.

Get your cool cats covered. Call Direct Line.