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13 People Who Are Just Totally On It

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Or some clever bloke said that one time. Still, sometimes you need someone to do it for you – which is where The Fixer comes in for Direct Line.

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1. This Australian dude and his basketball. / Via

Yeah, this dad totally meant that. What you didn't see was his daughter promising that he would not have to spend one more dollar on her if he made the shot... and well, a picture speaks a thousand words.

2. The two best construction workers of all time. / Via

You don't know synergy until you've seen middle-aged building site synergy.

3. This guy making watermelon chopping cool. / Via

Yeah, probably best to not try this one at home.

4. This snowboarder putting all others to shame. / Via

"No, man! You're doing it – uh... right? I don't even know anymore." *questions everything*

5. This kid parking his bike like a champ. / Via

Easily worth the inevitably smashed front light.

6. This guy chopping wood. / Via

Big axe on a spring? Yes. Big axe on a spring.

7. This bowler who cares not for the laws of physics. / Via

This is not 'Nam, this is bowling. And there are rules, man.

8. This gymnast who got his daily allowance of awesome in one sitting. / Via

That made us dizzy just watching it.

9. This girl drifting her bike into a tiny gap. / Via

If The Fast and the Furious producers aren't on the phone right now, they're missing a real trick.

10. This pizza delivery guy. / Via

The cross-section on the Venn diagram of laziness and genius is just picture of this dude's face.

11. This Northern Irish parkour lad. / Via

This guy has never been late for his dinner EVER.

12. This guy taking hammering a nail to new levels. / Via

OK. Firstly, how? And secondly, NO SERIOUSLY, HOW?



That's certainly a new way to walk the dog.

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