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    17 Gorgeous Father’s Day Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses

    Spoil the special man in your life with these perfect presents!

    1. This Mr Blackman's Mount Gay Lime & Mint Shave Oil will keep his skin and hair in tip-top shape.

    2. This beautiful mug from Afrotouch Design will make him excited to make that first cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning.

    3. Still searching for the perfect Father’s Day card? Surprise the hero in your life with this quality Afrotouch Design greeting card, complete with a stunning touch of kente.

    4. This Black Lives Matter Pin from Omolola Jewellery is a perfect fit on any blazer or shirt.

    5. This pack of Kuumba Premium Designer socks will definitely spice up your dad’s collection.

    6. Give his taste buds a treat with a bottle of Cabby’s Rum.

    7. Won’t be seeing your dad on Father’s Day? Why not surprise him with a tray of these super thick, fudgy Whisk & Things Postal Oreo Brownies?

    8. Update your dad’s wardrobe with this cool statement t-shirt from Ibere Apparel.

    9. Or if he's is a bit of a musical maestro, what about this Pearl Ivy Hip Hop Sticker Collection?

    10. This stunning Kitsch Noir card is fit for the king in your life.

    11. Help your dad upgrade his haircare routine with this gentle cleansing organic shampoo bar from The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

    12. And the present hasn’t got to be the only thing doing the work with this Afrotouch Design Kente gift wrap.

    13. Ensure your dad’s beard game is A+ on the go with this dual-sided fine and coarse tooth beard comb and leather carry case from BeardConnecx.

    14. Treat your him to a taste of Jamaica with this Rum & Lime Mixed Cocktail from Jamaica Rum Vibes.

    15. Spice up your dad’s suit game with this Tie Doctor floral tie.

    16. Brighten up your dad’s wardrobe with this Hannah Pratt Clothing statement jumper.

    17. These pendants from Isura will make a great statement piece for pops and are a perfect way to represent where you’re from.