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11 Things Every Budding Lumbersexual Should Own

You're on your way! Go from lumbersexual to lumberjack in no time with help from the makers of DINTY MOORE® Beef Stew.


The beard is the eyes of the chin. Keep yours sparkling with Hero beard oil.


Lumbersexuals know how to light fires — or at the very least, candles. Keep your fire-building skills close at hand by always storing matches nearby. Get it here.


You already have knives (or you should!) — so get this quality leather knife roll, and roll 'em up!


Class it up or wear it down. Purchase yours here.


Your chin eyes (beard) deserve only the finest comb. Keep everything smooth and orderly with this gorgeous one.


This is a finish and a frame hammer in one. Don't know what that means? Look it up, you budding lumbersexual you.


There's more to being a lumbersexual than just tools — your look is crucial. Amp it up with this bracelet.



Let leather envelop all aspects of your life, including your beer-carrying habits. Pop bottles in here and easily transport your favorite brews.


Home is where your heart is, so hang this prominently.


Use your most powerful resource — your scent — to become a true lumbersexual. This wilderness cologne is your key to success!

You're good to go! Now let the makers of DINTY MOORE® Beef Stew guide you to becoming a true lumberjack.

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