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    I Ranked All Of Madonna's 14 Studio Albums And No One Can Change My Mind

    She's known as "The Queen Of Pop" for a reason.

    Since 1983, Madonna has released 14 studio albums and has reinvented herself countless times. She’s made timeless classics...but she’s also had a few missed swings. This is my definitive ranking of the Queen of Pop’s studio albums.

    14. Hard Candy (2008)

    madonna wearing a black unitard and a large gold belt

    13. MDNA (2012)

    madonna in a short-sleeved dress while leaning up against a wall

    12. Like A Virgin (1984)

    madonna in a corset and tutu

    11. Madonna (1983)

    madonna with ear-length hair and she has furrowed brows

    10. Music (2000)

    madonna in a cowboy hat and silk shirt

    9. Madame X (2019)

    madonna wears a headwrap

    8. True Blue (1986)

    madonna has ear-length hair and she looks up at the sky with eyes closed

    7. American Life (2003)

    madonna in a leather jacket and hood

    6. Rebel Heart (2015)

    madonna's face wrapped in cords with the words "rebel heart" written on her neck

    5. Erotica (1992)

    close-up of madonna's face, sort of animated

    4. Bedtime Stories (1994)

    3. Confessions On A Dancefloor (2005)

    madonna wears a jumpsuit and heels and dances

    2. Ray Of Light (1998)

    madonna wears a silk shirt, hair curled, wind blowing

    1. Like A Prayer (1989)

    close-up of madonna's hands on her jeans

    What are your top 5 Madonna albums? Let us know in the comments!