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LGBTQ Issues Are A Global Issue. 5 Videos That Puts LGBTQ In A Positive Light :)

Well ... At the risk of making this too overtly political or commercialized, which I will do my best not to, I'm thankful that there are people from the online community, be it Youtube, Instagram etc. championing for LGBTQ causes and issues and standing up for it and making steps forward in the name of social progression and acceptance. This is in light of recent changes and events, political ones, ones underlined by Mr. Trump's doing, that some how or another seems to threaten the LGBTQ community.

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So, if you really were to think about it, the battle against all these BULL, really is the responsibility of the community and more importantly brands, big or small, worldwide; whether they be doing it for commercial reasons or not. The message is clear: LGBTQ progression is here to stay, and we ARE TAKING IT THERE ... ...

(Taiwan) Mcdonalds McCafe (I love some coffee by the way)

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Coming out to your parents? Let the caffeine do the work :) No seriously, these caffeinated drinks work wonders.

(Singapore) BRANS Underwear

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Guys clad in some underwear with a heart warming message. Erm, yes please. And for once we can do away with the overtly sexual messages brands like AC shove in my (gorgeous) face. I'm gay, but not that GAY.

But ... my Bae better not serve me that small cake at the end of the video even though he saved the day. Like, how many mouthfuls is that?

(Philippines) SMART Telecommunications.

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Okay. First, that is really a 'SMART' ad campaign. Second, these guys look rather yummy and sweet. And lastly ... erm, this is why I don't let my parents know I'm on Facebook. And Instagram. And Twitter. And Tumblr.

I love them ... but, hell naw, I CANNOT have you as a friend / following me. It be too much.

(USA) Campbell Soup

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The Classic, in ways more than one.

1. How smart it was

2. How touching it was

3. How real it was (not too sure about the ingredients; I always find the taste ... 'processed')

4. How relevant it was

5. HOW STUPID PEOPLE CAN BE; in particular that woman who thought this suggested anal sex. Classic.

(Taiwan) HSBC

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Let's push all the 'tax evasion' news to a side; that's an article for another day. THIS right here is amazing and beautiful; heart wrenching as well when you hear how one of the girls cannot have her Dad acknowledge her choices.

As much as I see capitalism, (pink) dollar signs and an agenda throughout the video (I can never take a campaign from a Bank seriously TBH), I still loved the message! Congrats Gals! XOXO

That's that. WE NEED MORE TO #WERQ it in this fight. Get your inner gay on people. The more we talk about it, the more 'normal' it will be not just for those who are experiencing it all but also for those on the receiving end and TRUST; the world will become a better place for all.


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