Jon Snow Is A Terrible Wolf Parent To Ghost — Are You Better Than Him?

    It doesn't take a lot.

    Everyone seems to be talking about the coffee cup in the latest Game of Thrones episode.

    But can we take a moment to talk about Ghost, our favorite direwolf in Westeros?

    Jon Snow and Ghost have shared so many special moments over the seasons, starting with when Ghost was just a little pup.

    Remember when Ghost saved Jon's best friend's life in Season 3?

    Even when Jon died, Ghost stayed by his master and protected his body.

    Most recently, Ghost fought valiantly and survived in the Battle of Winterfell.

    So after all of that, how come Jon didn’t even take a moment to say goodbye to his faithful friend in Season 8, Episode 4?

    Jon: *hugs Tormund* *hugs Sam* *even hugs Gilly who he doesn’t know very well* Ghost: Am I a joke to you? #GameOfThrones



    Me after I saw that jon didn’t even said goodbye to ghost #GameOfThrones

    This is your chance to give Ghost the appreciation that he deserved from Jon. Tap or click to pet Ghost and thank him for all that he’s done for the Starks!

    P.S: He deserves at least 5,000,000 boops before the next Game of Thrones episode on Sunday.

    Update: We hit 5,000,000 in a single day?! Wow, Ghost is really feeling the love. Let's make him feel really special by reaching 25,000,000 boops by Sunday night. We can do this!

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