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10 Scenarios You've Experienced As A Grown-Ass Adult Trying To Make Friends


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1. Playing the name game until it's deeply uncomfortable and your palms are sweaty


Your cousin's neighbor's dog is actually my best friend from high school's dog's sister and I'm going to cling to this connection until we're friends.

6. Being totally, totally cool with splitting the bill down the middle even though you ordered a water and a side of croutons because you're just a really chill girl


Oh, sure, I don't mind, have another cocktail on me. "I'm SO CHILL!" I yell, foaming at the mouth.

8. Spending an obscene amount of money on tickets to an Ariana Grande concert that is most definitely not worth it


I won't be the only one not in these pictures even if it costs me $100 and my dignity amongst tweens.

9. Stretching an inside joke to its absolute limits


Remember that time we gave those guys fake numbers? I'll tag you in semi-related funny Instagrams for months afterwards. Also, have you seen salt bae? Why not, I'll tag you in this too.

10. Lending that girl you met once your favorite dress


Oh, you don't have anything to wear to your friend's wedding? I may never see it again, but here take my dress because I'm a great person and you're now bound by the unspoken clothes-lending law to be friends with me.

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