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University Kit List

This is a guide to help you out for what type of things you should bring to Durham University.

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1. Important Documents


Make sure that you bring ID, so whether that's a passport, driving licence or a copy of your birth certificate. It's a good idea to bring a medical card and register with a doctor and a dentist early on into term. If you've got a railcard make sure you bring that to save money on trips home or to visit your friends at other unis. If you don't have one, you can get a huge discount with an NUS Card which is available from the SU Reception.

2. Clothing / Via

Ensure that you bring enough underwear and socks for the first week - washing will probably not be your biggest priority in the excitement of freshers week. If you're from the south or an exotic climate, Durham can be a shock to the system so a winter and waterproof coat is essential. There's plenty of opportunities to get involved with at Durham e.g. sports, dance or outdoor pursuits so bring along any equipment you've already got. Check with your college if you'll need to dress up for formals but you should bring formal wear for matriculation. Fancy dress is a must have too!

3. Bedding / Via

Being a student can be tiring so make sure you have the world's comfiest bed for when you need to catch up on sleep. Essentials are a bedsheet, duvet/quilt, pillows (the more, the better), covers (2 bedsets will save on washing) and a blanket for those cold winter nights.

4. Stationary / Via

Stationary is essential for any student so make sure you bring plenty of pens and pencils to keep track of what you're learning. You might need a diary or a planner to keep track of when all the student groups you want to join are meeting up. And a calculator (even if you're not doing a maths course, you'll want to do some accounting/life management to make sure you don't spend your loan in the first two weeks).

6. Essentials for your flat / Via

Even if you're in catered accommodation, remember to bring a mug, glass, plate, bowl (microwavable), and cutlery - you’ll have some sort of kitchen facilities. Washing-up liquid, scourers and a tea towel for all the washing up. You'll need cleaning wipes (college cleaners don't clean everyday). A multi-function tool (includes a corkscrew, bottle opener, knife, scissors, tin opener) can also be incredibly useful.

And an alarm clock is essential if you've got a 9am lecture too.

7. Cooking / Via

University can be where you might be cooking for the first time so unless you want to eat beans on toast for the next 3 years, you might need to learn. Your housemates will help you out but make sure you bring equipment so that you don't order Pizza every night. Plates, bowls, cooking pots, frying pans, baking trays, oven dishes, mixing bowls, chopping knife, spatulas, ladels, mixing spoons, tin openers, sieves, heatproof mats, scales and foil will be useful, you'll also be able to lend them to someone who is less prepared.

8. Things to make your room into a home / Via

Keeping your room tidy will be helped by a bag to carry around your academic work so you don't have paper strewn all over your desk and a laundry bag will incentivise you to not have a floordrobe. Storage boxes can be useful if you have twice as many clothes to fit in your cupboard. Photos, posters and other items to personalise your room (fairy lights must be battery powered if in college accommodation). Sleeping bag for visiting friends is also a good idea.

10. An open mind / Via

You're going to meet a lot of new people at University - from different backgrounds and people that will hold different beliefs but make sure you make an effort to get to know people and you'll have the best few years of your life.

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