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15 Reasons People Who Don't Eat The Crust Must Be Stopped

Are you going to just stand there and watch them toss the doughy goodness? Or are you going to join DIGIORNO®, stand up, and FIGHT WITH FRESH-BAKED FURY?

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6. And if they know that there will be such a day, they're probably orchestrating it.

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That's right. They will use it as a delicious, fresh-baked currency when doing business with crust lovers like us.

13. Do they have a problem with FREE BREAD?

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It's like, "Mmmmm, that was a nice pizza," and then, "WHOA, look at all this free bread I have!" How can you turn that down? People who turn that down are, without a doubt, honest monsters.

But you know what's up. You respect the crust.

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And so does DIGIORNO®. Get your crust-loving hands on their Rising Crust today and show the nonbelievers the light.

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