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10 Lifetime Milestones That Changed Us For The Better

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3. When you started the ninth grade.


Transitioning from middle school to high school can be harder than it sounds, but you're finally at an age when you can start to make some real decisions about your life. Just be sure they're good ones!

4. When you decided to change your major.


Making a mid-educational career major switch may have left you with some extra work, but now you're on the track to pursuing a subject that you're actually interested in. Don't waste your life doing what you hate.

5. When you moved into your first apartment.


Moving out of student dorms or your parents' house can bring about some pretty rude awakenings but embarking out on your own is huge! You're finally a real adult who gets to make real adult decisions. Congrats!

6. When you nailed the big interview for the first time. / Via

You put in countless hours of schooling, studying, work, and dedication to make it to this point. Give yourself a round of applause, but the hard work doesn't stop here! Keep working to pursue your dreams!

7. When you had your first serious relationship.


Relationships are a lot of work, and there's nothing more special than finding someone whom you care about and who cares about you in such a deep and fulfilling way. Enjoy it!

8. When you decided to run a marathon.


It's gonna take a lot more than courage to carry you past the 26.2-mile mark, but just think of the pure joy and sense of accomplishment you'll have after realizing such a seemingly crazy goal!

9. When you finally landed the coveted promotion.


Not only have you proven that you're a hard worker, you've identified yourself as a well-liked and essential part to the operation. Continue giving it your best to positively impact the lives of those around you!