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This New Campbell's Soup Commercial Is Killing The Gender Stereotyping Game

Are you listening Trump?

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The commercial starts as just the normal, stereotypical Halloween kid in costume.

Insert a few shots of the kid messing with Mom...

Just hanging around...

Doing Normal Spider-Man stuff...

Then it's time for the product placement....

Uh oh, mask has to come off...

Surprise! Spider-Man is actually a little girl!

Red-headed, at that!

Red-headed, at that!

Let's face it. Young girls are growing up in a society that has come along away, but isn't anywhere near as equal in gender roles as it should be. Instead of opinions like this, images like this should be celebrated. A girl who wants to be Spider-Man? Let her. Peter Parker is a pretty good role model, if I do say so myself. Campbell's really knocked it out of the park with this one, even if the main objective was just to sell soup.

If you have a daughter, or son for that matter, let them dress anyway they want this Halloween. Who knows, it may encourage them to grow to up be a real life hero.

You go Campbells!

Watch the full commercial below.

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Great, isn't it?

Happy Halloween!

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